Embedded System Projects

            An embedded system is a computerized system or a device with combination of Hardware and Software, designed for specific control functions within a larger system or individual, often with real-time computing constraints. Embedded systems control many devices in common use today. Embedded systems are widespread in all areas. Few Examples are

    Telecommunications systems - Network Devices, Switches, Routers, mobile phones etc.

    Consumer electronics - PDAs, MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras, DVD players, printers, Microwave ovens, Washing machines etc.

    Security and automation system - wired & wireless networking that can be used to control lights, climate, security, audio/visual, surveillance, etc.

    Transportation systems - Automatic system, inertial guidance systems in flights, ABS system in vehicles, Electronic Stability Control (ESC/ESP), traction control, automatic drive

    Medical equipments - Pulse Oximeter, ECG, EEG, Ultrasonic Scan, CT scan, MRI scanning

    Military & Aerospace Applications - Missile launching, Rocket launching etc

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            Few example applications are described here.. For more please call us or visit us

Android Mobile Application Projects in Embedded System

1Design And Implementation of Smart Home System Using 3G Android Mobile Application
2Smart Service for Public Transport System
3Smart Health Monitor System using Wearable Technology
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Automation Application Projects

1Road Nail: Intelligent Road Marking System
2Design of Humanistic Electronic Bus Service and Enquiry Management in the Public Traffic System
3Wireless Sensor Network for Precise Agriculture Monitoring
4Talking Hand Glove for Physically challanged People
5Intelligent Human-Machine Interface Using Hand Gestures Recognition
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Android Mobile Application Projects

1Design and development of a social shopping experience
2City service discovery and access with Near Field Communication
3Development of an Indoor Navigation System Using NFC Technology
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Electrical Application Projects

1On The Design and Implementation of a Home Energy Management System
2Design of Electronic Energy Meter with Instant Billing
3Real Time Control of DC Motor Drive using Speech Recognition
4A Perfect Power Sharing System for Industries
5Smart Home Energy Management System using IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee
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Security Application Projects

1Car Monitoring using Bluetooth Security System
2Design of A Fall Detection System for elders using Wearable Technology
3Anti-Theft Tracking System for Automobiles
4ZigBee Based Intelligent Helmet for Coal Miners
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1Proposal of the Disaster-Relief Training System Using the Electronic Triage Tag
2Ultra-Low Power Microcontrollers for Portable, Wearable, and Implantable Medical Electronics
3Activity Recognition using Wearable Sensors for Elder Care
4Pilgrims Tracking Using Wearable Technology
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1Design and Development of a Hand-glove Controlled Wheel Chair
2AI Security Guard Robot
3The Wireless Track Inspector For Indian Railways
4Evolving an Effective Robot Tour Guide
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