Embedded System Projects Developmet Training

             EmbSys offers Embedded System projects training in all the embedded application areas such as Automation, Security, Wireless, Communication, Medical, Robotics etc with all the cores such as 8051 from ATMEL, PIC from MICROCHIP, MSP430 from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, ARM from NXP, PSoC from CYPRESS etc.,

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    Domain: Embeddedembedded icon VLSIvlsi icon MatLabmatlab icon    
    Processors: 8051 PIC MSP430 ARM PSoC

        Try to do projects in High Performance-Ultra Low Power RISC controllers and develop your career to lead into the Core Industries.
       EmbSys Labs offers you embedded Projects in MSP430, Projects in PSoC

    MSP430 Projects PSoC Projects
    MSP430 RF development board PSoC kit

        Develope Your Mobile Applications for Embedded Projects and port in your Mobile, run to control the Embedded system from your mobile. You can develope your embedded mobile application for the application of Monitoring, Security, Automation etc using Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi and NFC.

    ARM Processor Project Kits Android Mobile Application Projects
    (Smart Home)
    mini2440 arm9 development board smart home control application android mobile
    Projects using NFC technology
    NFC applications in android mobile