Communication Projects

    Telecommunication is communication at a distance by technological means, particularly through electrical signals or electromagnetic waves. Electrical and electromagnetic telecommunication technologies include telegraph, telephone, and teleprinter, networks, radio, microwave transmission, fiber optics, communications satellites and the Internet.

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            Wired Communication system is any form of communication that uses electrical conductive material as a transmission medium between two systems. It can be either Parallel or Serial. The Serial communication system is used for short range communication that uses only one or two or three lines to communicate. Few Examples are UART, SPI, I2C etc

          Optical Communication system is any form of telecommunication that uses light as the transmission medium. The Light Source can be IR or Laser. The Protocols are SONET, STM

            Radio Communication System is composed of several communications subsystems that uses RF radio waves in different frequencies as the transmission medium. The Examples are Bluetooth,Zigbee,GSM,GPS,GPRS,Wi-Fi etc

            Power Line Communication systems operate by impressing a modulated carrier signal on AC Power wires. Different types of powerline communications use different frequency bands, depending on the signal transmission characteristics of the power wiring used.

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Communication Projects - Embedded System

1Design And Implementation of Smart Home System Using 3G Android Mobile Application
2Smart Service for Public Transport System
3Smart Health Monitor System using Wearable Technology
4Road Nail: Intelligent Road Marking System
5Design of Humanistic Electronic Bus Service and Enquiry Management in the Public Traffic System
6Anti-Theft Tracking System for Automobiles
7Pilgrims Tracking Using Wearable Technology
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Communication Projects - MATLAB

1Efficient Data Gathering with Mobile Collectors and Space-Division Multiple Access Technique in Wireless Sensor Networks
2Auto Inter-Carrier Frequency Offset Rectification Using Conjugate Cancellation in Multi-carrier CDMA Broadband Communications
3BER Performance Improvement in OFDM System with ZFE and MMSE Equalizers
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