Embedded System Projects Training Service

             EmbSys labs offers embedded system projects training for Engineering students in all the embedded applica tion areas as follows,

  • DOMAIN: Electronics, Electricals, Instrumentation, Communication, Embedded, Robotics
  • APPLICATIONS: Automation, Security, Wireless, Communication, Medical, Robotics, Networking, Image Processing, Signal Processing
  • PROCESSOR: 8051, PIC, MSP430, PSoC, ARM
  • PLATFORMS: Windows, Linux, Android
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Embedded Projects Development Resources

             EmbSys labs offers all the following Embedded System Project resources for Engineering Colleges, Self developers and Engineering Students for developing their Embedded System projects..

  • Development Boards : 8051, PIC, MSP430, ARM, Renesas, PSoC
  • Project Boards : 8051, PIC, MSP430, PSoC, ARM
  • Interfacing Boards : Power Supply Boards, Sensor Interface Boards, ADC Interface Boards, Relay Interface Boards, Motor Interface Boards, Communication Interface Boards
  • Sensor Modules : GAS, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Accelerometers, MEMS Sensors, IR, Ultrasonic, Heart-Beat, ECG, EEG etc
  • Wireless Modules : NFC, Zigbee, GSM, GPRS, GPS, WiFi, Ohter RF Modules
  • Bio Scanners : Finger Print Scanners
  • Robotics : Robotic Modules, Chassis, Wheels, Sensors
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Embedded System, MCU, PCB Training

Android Mobile Applications

    smart home using mobile
  •   Run Your Wireless Monitoring and Control Applications from Your Android Mobile. Few Example Applications are -

    Smart Home - Control Your Home from Your Mobile in Wireless through Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS, GSM etc

    Security Application - Authenticate your ID in Security Systems with Your Mobile using NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS, GSM etc

    Monitoring Applications - Industrial Parameters Monitoring and Control, Health Monitoring with Wearable Technology

    To know more about development of Android Mobile Application Projects please click here

NFC Technology Applications

    NFC application
  •   Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other or with NFC Tags (Available in many formates such as iD card, Stickers, Wrist Bands etc in different sizes) by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, used for applications include Secured Contactless Transactions, Data exchange, Security, Ticketing, Identification, Access Control, Attendance etc..

    To know more about development of NFC Mobile Application Projects please click here

Projects in Renesas

    Renesas Microcontroller
  •   Embedded System Projects using Renesas Microcontroller - Coming Soon..